Hi There

I should be going to bed right now.  Failing that, there’s an Excel file on this very computer that’s standing between me and the completion of my thesis.  The thesis thing is actually further away than a single Excel-file hurdle.  More like an  ultra-marathon route sprinkled with hurdles.  I’m currently doing the thing my professors discouraged:  Since finishing my Masters coursework and thesis project fieldwork, I’ve chosen to move to an entirely different state and complete the thesis analysis and writing remotely.

I love living in my new home.  It’s technically the first time I’ve chosen to live somewhere because I wanted to live there, not because I was offered a job there.  This is equal parts awesome and scary.  It’s awesome because it’s some place I chose, and it’s scary because I see lots and lots of postings for really cool jobs in other places besides here.  Like western Washington, for example.  I’ll see a posting, and It seems like the perfect opportunity to both do something fun and useful, with a salary that would somewhat justify all the years I’ve spent in classrooms.  But the job is in the greater Seattle area, and I begin to negotiate with myself.  Could I live in a mossy well where I can expect grey skies and rain for a large part of the year?  I think about it until I step outside of my southern Idaho apartment, and the sunny skies here are my answer.  The mountains near Seattle are beautiful, but I’m more of a semi-arid, sagebrush country kind of person.  HERE feels like the right decision.

There’s the new home thing, there’s the thesis, there’s the job question.  My husband is similarly finishing his thesis and looking at career options.  And in seven months or so, we’re going to become new parents.  We’re excited and it’s something we’ve wanted for some time, but I admit I have rarely had a less clear picture of what my life will be like one year from today.  And this is why I’m starting a blog.  I’ve been a compulsive writer since my teenage years, and I know that when I write, I feel better about the world.

So hello, it’s nice to meet you.  Welcome to my blog, and I hope to procrastinate with you again in the near future.

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