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The Squiggly Line Between Good and Bad

I had a really weird Ah-ha! moment earlier this year.  Both hubby and I had obtained short-term contract work doing vegetation surveys in another state.  It was decent work and paid well.  Our crew-mates were good people, and the interpersonal … Continue reading

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One Person’s Trash…

Geocaching is a fun sport, especially if you’ve always secretly wished you were Indiana Jones.  It’s treasure hunting with a GPS unit, and the treasure can be just about anything.  Every cache contains a log book and a random assortment … Continue reading

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Fourteen Week Check-Up

J was able to make it to our fourteen-week doctor’s appointment yesterday, after being out of town for the last go-round.  No ultrasound this time, just a doplar.  The baby’s heart was clocking in at 150 bpm, and we listened … Continue reading

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How to make camping more interesting: a true story

How to make a camping trip more interesting: 1.  Bring a camera. 2.  And costumes! 3.  Don’t bother taking sleeping bags.  It’s summer out, right? 4.  Test out realism of all those fantasy-quest movies by sleeping under the stars with … Continue reading

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An Only Slightly Snarky Post about Clothing Retailers and Tall Girl Shopping

So, I bought preggo pants the other week.  Winter is coming, and even though I don’t need maternity wear quite yet, I was thinking ahead.  As a tall girl that’s important, since I already struggle with clothes shopping.  Case in … Continue reading

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Writing is an odd compulsion.  It’s something a lot of us do regardless of whether other people will ever see our words, and it’s more socially acceptable than talking out loud to oneself while walking down the street.  Writing certainly … Continue reading

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A Cyclops in the Night

When I was a kid, I had a specific routine for turning off my bedroom light at night.  The rules were fairly simple:  First, ask Mom or Dad to do it.  If you have to do it for some reason, … Continue reading

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