An Only Slightly Snarky Post about Clothing Retailers and Tall Girl Shopping

So, I bought preggo pants the other week.  Winter is coming, and even though I don’t need maternity wear quite yet, I was thinking ahead.  As a tall girl that’s important, since I already struggle with clothes shopping.  Case in point — Earlier this year, I was working a temporary job and needed to buy new slacks.  Basic, black slacks.  For those of you who are not 6’1″ and female, this is what shopping is like for me…  (This is also one of the reasons why shopping has the power to turn me into a beastly curmudgeon who hates everything and everybody — particularly cute, petite folks who complain about having to hem their pants.  You know who you are, and if we ever were to meet in person, I would not call you out on your complaints.  But, Puh-lease.  You don’t even begin to comprehend how much I wish I had your problem.)

How I found my black slacks:

1.  Go to mall.  Go to every department store.  Find nothing to try on.  Walk around all the smaller stores, including the ones like GAP that occasionally carry tall lines.  Find nothing to try on.  Talk to a few clerks, who encourage me to visit their store’s website to access said tall lines.

2.  Go home.  Turn on computer.  Get on internet and visit the websites of 6 to 8 different clothing retailers.  Find the tall lines I was looking for.  Check company sizing charts, and realize that companies are labeling 32″ – 34″ inseams as tall.  High waters, anybody???  Silently curse all clothing companies.

3.  Resort to blogs and forum posts left by other tall girls.  Finally, find some good recommendations.

4.  Find Long Tall Sally.  Fall instantly in love with Long Tall Sally, because this retailer has 36″ and even 37″ inseam pants.  Long Tall Sally doesn’t just have tall jeans, either.  Long Tall Sally has slacks.  Black slacks.  Are they on sale?  No.  But so what.  They have tall pants.  …And some really nice jackets, too…

5.  Stop surfing around the Long Tall Sally website long enough to order pants.  Enter debit card information, and wait for order to process.

6.  Order will not process.  Call Long Tall Sally customer support.

7.  Customer support says they are a Britain-based retailer, and a lot of American debit cards won’t allow out of country purchases because of fraud issues.

8.  Call bank.  Ask bank to allow one-time purchase from Britain-based retailer.  Bank representative says, “Okay, go for it.”

9.  Attempt to purchase pants from Long Tall Sally.  Order will not process.

10.  Call bank again.  Explain that order will not process.  Bank representative says, “Okay, try again.”

11.  Hurrah!  Order processes.

12.  Try to buy groceries the following day.  Debit card is no longer working.

13.  Call bank again.  Bank representative says the card will not work because of previous purchase from foreign-based retailer.  Bank representative does some magic on computer, and says to try again.

14.  Purchase groceries with debit card.  Hurrah!  Card works.

15.  Wait a while.  Wear old pair of black slacks to work, even though they are too short.  Realize that too-short slacks were previous purchase from GAP.

16.  Package has come!  Try on new black slacks.  Thank all deities, tall girl bloggers, and tall-centric clothing retailers… They fit!!  Wear new slacks to work.

(As a side note, if you are tall, you may want to consider getting a credit card rather than a debit card.  You can improve your credit score and all that, but my bank representative informs me that you will also be able to make purchases from foreign-based companies without so much bank-related hassle.  …This is still on my to-do list.) 


When I decided to purchase maternity pants the other week, I already had some of the basics down.  I skipped the mall, skipped the normal clothing retail websites, and just typed “tall girl maternity jeans” into the Google search engine.  There were a few false starts, in which I found a promising website only to discover that all tall pants in my size range were out of stock.  But before too long, I found some decent preggo jeans through a site called Mommy Long-Legs.  I put in my order, and waited.

A few days later, I got a call from somebody at Mommy Long-Legs.  “I was just filling your order,” the woman on the line said, “and I noticed that you were based out of Boise.  That’s where we are, too, and I was wondering if you wanted to come try on the pants in person, to see if they fit.”

As it turns out, Mommy Long-Legs is a small business run out of somebody’s home.  A bit unconventional, but so what.  When I stopped by, the woman who greeted me at the door was taller than I was.  “When I was pregnant, I got so tired of not being able to find clothes that fit,” she said, handing me some jeans.  “Here, try these on.  Try the next size up as well; a lot of people find that these fit snugly in the thighs.  Do you want the lighter color, or a darker shade?”

I walked away that day with my pair of preggo jeans and the knowledge that, right here in the town I live in, is a place that sells clothing I can wear.  And check this out:

IMG_4951High waters?  Not on me, baby.  It’s time to do a little hemming!


Post-Script:  Here’s a short (but sweet) list of my favorite tall-centric clothing retailers… If you have any to add, I’d love to hear about them!

Mommy Long Legs:  Nicely styled preggo jeans and preggo work slacks.  This is a small company and a relatively new one, so not a lot of variety here… yet.  Their website says they are hoping to start carrying tops and other things eventually.

Long Tall Sally:  A bit of everything.  Work clothes, jeans, dressy things.  Stylish shoes in large sizes!!!  A few maternity pant selections as well.  Needless to say, a lot of their products are on my wishlist.

prAna:  Specializes in outdoor wear and casual / sporty-chic clothing.  Normal-people sizing, and a fair amount of tall size options as well.  I have a great pair of espresso-colored courduroys from here, as well as a stylish pair of TALL hiking pants.  (Hiking pants are another very difficult thing to find in both women’s styles and tall-centric sizes.)  I usually wear a 36″ inseam, and their pants work pretty well for me.  If you prefer a 37″ inseam you could let out the hem a little bit and probably get the extra length you need.

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  1. katej78 says:

    Who are you? Do I know you? I think I am in love with you. Can we meet? I want our children to grow up together.

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