Fourteen Week Check-Up

J was able to make it to our fourteen-week doctor’s appointment yesterday, after being out of town for the last go-round.  No ultrasound this time, just a doplar.  The baby’s heart was clocking in at 150 bpm, and we listened to the fuzzy waa-waa sound on the machine for a while in silence.  It’s nice to have some evidence that everything is going all right in there.  My body has been changing incrementally… I’ve gained a few pounds, and my belly pokes out a bit more than it used to.  But mostly I feel like there’s a new neighbor on the street who never comes out of his house and who I haven’t been able to meet properly yet.  At this point  there isn’t even an occasional movement, or twitch of the curtains, to let me know that somebody’s home.  Weird analogies aside, I’m looking forward to feeling the first baby movements, though that probably won’t happen until sometime in January.

Now that we’ve passed our second doctor’s appointment without any bad news, I have allowed myself to go into nesting mode a little more.  The actual results of this nesting are minor and commensurate to the size of our one-bedroom apartment, which itself is commensurate in size to our current income (i.e., no plans to move … yet).  So far, I’ve eyeballed our bedroom and figured out how to re-arrange the furniture to fit a crib into the space.  I’ve coldly dispatched a bunch of tops I rarely wear, and now there is at least one empty drawer in my dresser for baby things.  I’ve also ordered two new baby books on Amazon:  ‘What to Expect the First Year,’ and another book that gets into the logistics of camping with babies and really young kids.

Most fun is the fabric J and I picked out yesterday evening at a quilting store, which I’m planning to make into a baby blanket.  Whether we have a girl or a boy doesn’t really matter in terms of colors, since neither of us wants strongly ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine’ – themed baby stuff.  My family has been asking if we plan to have any kind of a theme at all.  When my sister was pregnant, she chose a Beatrix Potter theme for her baby, and my parents had a Winnie-the-Pooh theme when my sister and I were little.  I think those are great, but I’m pretty indecisive about this kind of thing, so I have a feeling we’ll just mix and match as we go along.  I am  pretty excited about the fabric we chose for the baby blanket:


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