One Person’s Trash…

Geocaching is a fun sport, especially if you’ve always secretly wished you were Indiana Jones.  It’s treasure hunting with a GPS unit, and the treasure can be just about anything.  Every cache contains a log book and a random assortment of prizes.  The rule of this game is ‘leave an item, take an item.’  If you’re lucky you’ll find a travel bug, which is a small toy that comes with a tag and a tracking number.  When you get home from your hike you can look up your bug’s number online, see all the different caches it has been to, and type in where you found it.  Then you take the bug out to another geocache somewhere to continue its travels.  There’s a very satisfactory continuity to all this.

Mostly the geocaches I see contain a lot of  cheap, random junk.  I think what happens is that a lot of people find a cache, then realize that they forgot to bring something to leave behind.  This would certainly explain some of the things I’ve found over the years.  The most basic and boring are pens, pencils, and ugly keychains.  One of the worst prizes I ever found was a handful of tampons (unused, thankfully).

Sometimes the cache notebooks contain hints of past atrocities.  These are my favorites.  On one hunt I found a really disgusting box whose contents were all covered in some kind of a sticky film.  It was the notebook that revealed the situation:

First entry:  Hey guys!  Woohoo, we found the cache!  Leaving a six-pack of beer for the next people to come along. Cheers!

Next entry, some time later:  Effing idiots.  Don’t you know it’s summer???  The beer cans have exploded ALL OVER this box.  Cleaned everything up as best as we could…  You’re welcome, douchebags.

Happy hunting, geocachers.


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