Transgender Spouse Resources

Hey y’all.  Just stopping in to post a couple resources I’ve come across for partners / spouses of transgender people:

– “Trans*Marriage” Facebook group.  Just look them up in the search box on FB.  This group currently has 95 members, which is pretty decent, though new posts on the group seem to be infrequent.  Positives:  The attitude of the group is positive.  This is a place for people who want to support their partners through this big life change, but would like a little support themselves.  Negatives:  It’s a “closed” group, which in FB terms actually means that anything you post on there will be shared with all of your other FB contacts, and there’s nothing you, as a FB user, can do about it.  (Thanks, social networking.)

– “Wives of Trans” Facebook group.  Similar concept as the previous group.   Positives:  This group is different than the previous group in that it is closed *and* secret.  This means that you can post a comment or a question without all your distant relatives and acquaintances being able to read it.  Negatives:  It’s a new FB group, and is very small at this time.  All the more reason to join and help it grow!  If you are interested in this group, contact Wife of Trans, here, for an invitation to join.  And maybe take a look at her blog while you are at it; she has a lot to say about her own journey with a transgender partner.

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3 Responses to Transgender Spouse Resources

    • pikaperdu says:

      No probs 🙂

    • pikaperdu says:

      By the way — Have you been to the Susan’s Place website? They have a forum dedicated to partners / spouses of trans people. I found an option where I could create a link to a resource, and listed my blog. Not that my blog is exactly a resource, but it’s one more voice out there for us partners. I’ve noticed a lot of my blog traffic in the last week or two has come from that website. You might link your blog as well. No harm in putting yourself out there a little, right?

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