Happy Post

Six health insurance applications, at least a dozen phone calls, and one major national policy change later… we have healthcare coverage!  The last of the confirmation letters came in the mail today.  Looks like we will be able to have this baby without bottoming out our bank accounts or going into debt.  And better yet, J’s VA coverage includes medical treatment for transgender issues.  Could it be that we have won… everything??

It sure seems that way.  After multiple weeks of rental-hunting, we have also lined up a two-bedroom living situation.  Our current apartment is a one-bedroom, and while it’s perfect for two people and a dog, it is going to seem really small once we add a baby to the mix.  The new place is a townhouse, and it’s, like, affordable.  Affordable and it allows dogs.  Wow.   We won’t be moving in for a little while, since the current owner is looking to purchase a home in the area and won’t be out of the townhouse herself until March or April at the earliest, but that’s all right.  Even if we have to stay with our current place for several months after the baby is born, it doesn’t matter, because JC will be sleeping in our room for the first few months anyway.

In other news, I’ve submitted one of my thesis chapters to my advisor.  It’s not the chapter he wants (I’m working on that one) but it’s still the amalgamation of a lot of effort and field work.  I’m beginning to think I may be able to finish this horrible project after all.

Socially life isn’t looking so bad, either.  J and I recently began participating in a role-playing game (similar to Dungeons & Dragons but not) with a couple other people we know in town.  Nerdy pastime?  Yeah sure maybe, but I’ve been curious about role-playing games for years, and so far, it’s been fun.  I think it helps that most of the group is interested in character development, world exploration, and plot more than just slaying things.  I’m the kind of person who, when cornered into playing a first-person shooter game like Halo, has more fun wandering aimlessly around the bombed-out military complex scenery than actually hunting the other players.  (…Of course, some of my preference may be linked to the fact that video game controls have become so much more complicated since my early Mario and Luigi Nintendo days.)

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