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Bring it on

The new yard is going to be a challenge, that is certain. While this isn’t exactly news to me, I hadn’t realized when we agreed to take this project on how much of our ‘lawn’ was actually composed of prickly … Continue reading

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Little (Town)House in the Big City

The evening I was told that our townhouse rental was not going to work out, I moodily got back on Craigslist and skimmed the latest rental posts.  There weren’t that many listings for situations that might work for us, and … Continue reading

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The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft agley

Thank you, Robert Burns, for that title.  (Or Rabbie Bairns, as one of my coworkers from the Scotland days would have said.) It’s true: The last few days have brought some not-so-great news with them. First, Ziggy’s bloodwork results came back. … Continue reading

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Errands and Activities

I took Ziggy to the vet’s office this morning to have the lump on her side checked out, and it turned out to be a harmless fatty deposit.  That was a relief.  I’m not ready to think of my four-legged … Continue reading

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