Bring it on

The new yard is going to be a challenge, that is certain.

While this isn’t exactly news to me, I hadn’t realized when we agreed to take this project on how much of our ‘lawn’ was actually composed of prickly weeds.  We have plenty of non-prickly things like dandelions, but we also have infestations of Ranunculus testiculatus (a small annual buttercup with spiky seeds) and Tribulus terrestris  (appropriately named ‘puncture vine’ — its seeds are known for causing flats in bike and lawnmower tires).  Check out these little beasties:

erase2 erase

Top left:  Ranunculus testiculatus                Top right:  Tribulus terrestris


Poor Ziggy can’t even walk across the back yard without getting something prickly stuck in her paws.  The first time we brought her out to the new place, she chose to sit on a stray patch of roofing shingles because that was the most comfortable spot.

Speaking of roofing shingles, there is some pretty random junk in this yard.  None of it is particularly notable, but the part of me that keeps exclaiming to J, “Who were the last tenants here?!?” also insists on posting a description of the mess on this blog.  Our back yard’s defects as they existed upon our lease signing include:

  • a bare patch of lawn in the shape of a fire pit
  • a hidden collection of cigarette butts
  • an assortment of cinder blocks, placed semi-randomly and partially buried
  • a chain-link fence with chicken wire, barbed wire, and a few weird metal springs secured to the fence base
  • other assorted trash including bits of broken plastic, an empty canister of lighter fluid, and a child’s toy car

Without getting into too much excruciating detail, the back fence is also set on an awkward little slope and is doing a Leaning Tower of Pisa impression.  Some weekend after we’re moved in, J and I are going to try to adjust the fence posts.

* * *

On a completely unrelated topic, J talked to his mom on the phone a few days ago and told her that he is transgender.  I wasn’t around for that conversation, but J says she took it well.  No further details on that at present, but I’m glad J is that much closer to being ‘out’ to everybody.

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