All the Things.

— I feel like this should be my new response to the question, “What’s happening with you these days?”

Ziggy had a liver biopsy done yesterday.  When I picked her up from the vet’s office she was crying – Not too unexpected really, since like most dogs she gets stressed out at the vet and becomes emotional and excited when I come to take her home.  But she kept crying intermittently on the drive back and wouldn’t settle.  Then when we were home, it was more of the same.  Eventually I gave her some pain pills wrapped in cheese.  She took them – Ziggy loves cheese – but instead of swallowing she just sat with the cheese in her mouth and cried.  I broke the gooey wad into smaller pieces and she managed to get it down.  She seemed all right after that, mostly, and she ate her dinner later when I mixed her dog food with some canned salmon and frozen peas.  She slept well yesterday night, and today she’s been much more like her usual, happy self.  I’m glad.  Ziggy’s had a rough time recently, starting last Thursday when we were visiting family in Washington and I woke up in the middle of the night to find her bleeding from the nose and making vomiting sounds.

On that same visit my dad went to the hospital emergency room with heart attack-like symptoms (which later turned out to be related to some kind of digestive problem), we celebrated my sister’s 30th birthday, and I went to a big used baby gear exchange at the Spokane fairgrounds.

J and I drove back home from Washington on Saturday night, arriving in Boise sometime in the wee hours of Sunday morning.  By noon Sunday, we were picking up a U-haul truck and moving furniture out of our old apartment.  Our weekend gaming group came to help move the big stuff.  In the days since then we have been carving out a living space for ourselves in the new house.  We’ve shopped for, and found, a used microwave, washer, and dryer.  We now have internet (yay).  And we’ve been discovering the quirks of the new place (realizing we have no screens on any of the windows, trying to fit dishware into oddly proportioned cupboards, me encouraging Ziggy to pee on the empty grass strip across the street from us because she won’t step on our own prickly lawn).

In the stress of the move J and I have been getting snappy at one another about mundane stuff, like dish-washing habits.  In the stress of – well, everything that is going on right now in our lives, I’ve been getting extremely emotional.  (I also seem to be catching a cold.)  Over the last few days I’ve started crying twice after relatively small arguments with J.  Yesterday when I was home by myself, cooking some soup to deliver to a new mom in my local parenting group, I was so frustrated and unhappy that I just let myself sob.  Big, loud, ugly sobs, the kind that are too embarrassing and raw to let loose when anyone else is around.  Later on that same day, I felt fine.

In spite – or perhaps because of – our arguments, J has also been making an effort to be extra affectionate these past few days.  I’ve appreciated that a lot; it helps this whole difficult period seem a lot smaller and more innocuous.

Only a month and a half now until baby’s due date.  (Personally I’m betting that I only have a month before delivery, however.  I don’t want to count on having an extra half-month to get things done and then be stressed out if baby comes early.)  For all its problems, the new townhouse seems like a nice place to expand our family.  The second bedroom is more than big enough for a nursery, and while we aren’t putting much effort into decorating, J and I have several native plant / landscape ecology posters that we plan to hang up in there.  The baby blanket (that I still need to throw together) has birds on it, and the Pack ‘n’ Play we are going to use in place of a crib has a ‘woodland creatures’ pattern.  By default, our baby’s room is going to be nature-themed.  Works for me.

At this point I think we only need a few more pieces of baby gear.  The car seat was delivered via UPS this past weekend and I found a jogging stroller, monitor set, breast pump, and high chair at the baby gear swap.  This is on top of all the other items that were passed on to me from my mom and sister over the Christmas holidays.  Also, when my parents come out to see the baby they will be bringing a rocking chair with them, and possibly my old childhood dresser.  The big things I’m concerned about getting now are a baby carrier (actually a couple different ones) and diaper set (we’re going to be using gDiapers, although I think I may get some regular disposables as backup).  As D-day approaches I’m sure I’ll be adding other things to the purchase list as well, like extra towels, a changing pad, and a diaper hamper.  We don’t have a changing table but there’s a really wide, convenient space on the counter in our upstairs bathroom that I think will serve the purpose just as well.

In other news, J has gone through his first laser hair removal treatment.  He’ll be going back for more treatments every six weeks until his facial hair is gone.  J’s beard when he has one is a pretty awesome tricolor mix of brown, blond, and copper.  The laser treatment should remove the darker hairs, and the rest will have to be removed via electrolysis.  Which, fortunately, he can also do at the clinic he is currently going to.  I’m happy that he is moving forward in his transition, and I am also happy I don’t have anyone zapping my face on a regular basis.  Some of J’s facial hair should be falling out in the coming weeks.  He says he can tell the dead hairs from the live ones because the dead hairs don’t shave well.  Because of this, I frequently catch him plucking dead hairs out of his chin these days.  He says it doesn’t hurt, but it’s a little off-putting to watch.  Although, really no more than plucking eyebrows would be.

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