Another Ultrasound

I went to the hospital for another ultrasound today.  It wasn’t a big deal; at last week’s prenatal check-up, my doctor had noted that my weight was down a little and my uterus was measuring slightly on the small side.  The baby’s position, heart-rate, and activity have been great all along, but she wanted to make sure that my amniotic fluid levels weren’t too low.  So the ultrasound was arranged and thank you Medicaid for taking care of that bill.

J came with me to the appointment and it was fun, getting to see our baby on the computer screen again.  He was in the head down position, as he should be, hanging out and drinking amniotic fluid.  The ultrasound tech was a cheerful, chatty woman.  She showed us how JC was taking “practice breaths” with his little lungs.  She pointed out how the baby’s bones now cast a shadow on the ultrasound because they have more calcium in them.  Then she printed out a couple profile shots for us, showed us some obscure lines on the ultrasound screen and told us that our baby had hair!  The hair was sort of floating around JC’s head and looked pretty abstract to me.  Finally our technician took some measurements and said that JC probably weighs around 7 lbs right now.  My amniotic fluid levels were fine.

At every regular prenatal appointment I go to now, my doctor asks me if I have had any bloody discharge or if I have been feeling contractions.  My answers to these questions are “no” and “I don’t know,” respectively.  I think it’s possible that I may be feeling Braxton Hicks contractions occasionally.  (This is when the uterus hardens up in practice for the actual delivery.)  It’s hard to tell though.  I have been feeling *something* on occasion, but up until now I thought that something was just the baby pushing his weight against my belly.  But maybe that’s not what’s really happening.  Regarding the discharge question, although there has been no “bloody show” or anything I could imagine to be a mucous “plug” in my underwear, I have been experiencing a noticeable increase in mucous-y discharge down there.  I’ve also, err, been experiencing looser stools lately, which my “What to Expect” book says can be an indicator that my body is preparing for labor.  We’ll see.  My own rather baseless prediction is that I’ll have this baby by May 5 or 6.  If I don’t that’s actually great, because I’m not feeling too uncomfortable right now, and there are plenty of things I could do with the full allotment of time between now and my official May 17 due date.

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