May 9, and no sign of baby yet.  Maybe JC will be a Mother’s Day baby?  Or, if he waits until after the 12th, my own mom may be in town for the big event.  That would be nice.  Either way, my hospital bag is packed now.

I still can’t tell if anything is going on with my body in terms of preparing for labor.  My What to Expect book says that some women experience weeks of contractions without even knowing it, and then, *poof!*  it’s time to start popping out that kid!  I wonder if that will be me.  It still seems strange that one could have contractions without being at all aware of them.  Makes me wish the whole delivery process could be like that — Painless, I mean.  Though, it wouldn’t be good if I didn’t realize I was in labor and then just delivered the baby at some random point during my day.  While driving, say, or while standing in line at the grocery store.  Cheryl Strayed (the author of “Wild”) apparently just had a baby, and in the article she wrote about it she mentioned the myth that it is possible to orgasm while giving birth.  I almost never actually LOL, but that idea almost did make me laugh out loud in real life.  I mean, really??  I’ve never been through the process yet, but I have a feeling that labor was given its name for a reason.  I wonder if the person who first came up with that idea was a man or a woman…


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