Due Date, and Other Things

The weather in Boise has been reaching the 80s and it really feels like summer now.  Ziggy and I continue to take our walks in the mornings before it gets too hot out, and then again sometimes in the evenings when it cools down again.  She doesn’t look or act like a dog with only a few months to live, and seeing her happy right now makes it easier for me to adjust to the prognosis.  Looking forward into the future is upsetting and frustrating, because there were so many camping trips and outdoor adventures I had hoped to take Zig on in the coming years.  But even if those adventures can’t happen, it’s hard to feel bitter when we are out enjoying the trails within our current reach.  There’s just something about being outside and surrounded by shady trees and running water, or in the wide open country surrounded by the sound of meadowlarks and insects, that makes everything seem all right.

My mom was in town for most of this week, and she brought a lot of plants from her yard to fill in our own.  I have raspberry plants along the back wall of my garden now, as well as some peppers and a single summer squash plant.  Maybe there are two summer squash plants — I have one mystery plant that Mom put in and I can’t remember what it’s supposed to be.  I have been told not to plant any of the squash seeds from the packet I bought this year, because I will already have more squash than I can use.

Actually, portion control in my gardening has been a repeated lesson with me.  In my enthusiasm and ignorance, I’ve put way too many seeds in the ground, and my raised garden beds that once seemed intimidatingly large are now beginning to seem alarmingly small.  My radishes have sprouted in two thick rows and must be thinned.  My tomato seedlings, still too small to be planting outdoors, take up about as much space as I’ve allotted for them in my garden beds — but of course the grown plants are going to be a lot bigger and have more than 2-4 tiny leaves on them.  Today I noticed some sprouts in the carrot and parsnip section of the garden bed, and a few of my bush beans have begun to push through the soil.  Based on what I’ve seen so far, I’m going to have to thin them out as well.  I haven’t planted my melons yet, but Mom has warned me to only plant one or two seeds (she says this with great emphasis) because those plants get big.  The five or six orange flags I have set out against the back fence to mark where I was going to put the melon seeds come June now seem very profuse and a little silly-looking.  But then, if Jack from the fairy tale had been given a whole packet of magic beans to plant, surely he would have made a similar mistake.

In other news, today is my due date.  JC is going to be a late baby it seems, although hopefully he will come on his own in the next few days.  I had a doctor appointment yesterday that included a cervical check, and I appear to be progressing.  Dr. K said my cervix was dilated to 1 cm and was 50% effaced.  She offered to do something called a membrane strip to help labor come a little faster, but because she wasn’t concerned about the baby’s lateness yet, I decided to forego it.  Also, admittedly, I was feeling a bit squeamish about the whole membrane stripping idea.

I have another doctor appointment arranged for next Friday, and at that point if baby’s not here, we’ll be talking about things like Pitocin and induction.  I’m hoping I’ll be making a trip to the hospital before that.

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