Family Planning

No baby yet, although I was feeling a little uncomfortable and twingy yesterday evening.  It’s a hard feeling to elaborate since I haven’t been experiencing Braxton-Hicks contractions in the way everybody talks about.  The feeling may be at least partially attributable to all the Thai food I ate last night.  Anyway, it’s gone this morning.

J and I had the family planning talk again yesterday evening.  We were originally planning to wait until July or August to discuss whether we want to have more kids, but once a subject like this comes up it is never really put away again until it is resolved.  I certainly have been thinking a lot about it this year.

The subject came to the forefront again yesterday when J said, somewhat randomly, “I’m feeling pretty impatient to start hormone therapy.”

We’ve talked about HRT before and had originally agreed that he could begin taking hormones in early 2015.  The reason for the wait has not been to let me, the surprised spouse, adjust to the idea.  I’ve been adjusted to the idea of J’s transition for quite a while now, and in many ways I would like to just get on with it already.

The original reason for the wait was kids.  Do we want to have more?  We will be less likely to have that option once J has started hormones.  There is still the sperm bank option.  But apart from the issue of getting pregnant again, there is the other question:  Can we afford to raise more than one kid?

And so, last night, we talked it out again.  Kids.  Careers.  Finances.  HRT.  It took less than five minutes to cover all the major discussion points.  “Do we need to wait until midsummer to make a decision?” I said to J.

The answer was no.  And I think we are both okay with that.

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