10 p.m. Ramblings

There’s a sweet spot in my evenings between 10 and 11 pm most days when Little Guy (JC) is asleep and I’m feeling awake enough to do something for me.  Like work on my thesis for a little stretch of time.  Or chop up all the vegetables in my fridge.  …Because it’s harder to do it during the day when the baby is awake and fussing.

Admittedly my small pockets of free time often involve Facebook, because it’s just the sort of thing that is designed for short attention spans.  Take a quiz!!  Read a random article.  Look at pictures people have posted.  Sometimes I think about quitting FB all together, but realistically that’s not happening any time soon.

I am another year older today.  It was a good day really.  Lunch out with J and a couple of friends.  An Edible Arrangements delivery from my sister.  An early morning walk with my dog and the baby.  It’s a little hard, though, coming back to Monday after the weekend.  J is going out of town for work again for a few days, and even the normal at-home work days for him are long.  We don’t have a lot of freedom when we are together to just hang out, but I still miss his presence.

Anyway.  As per usual, J and I took the family camping this weekend.  Sunday was just spent at home, but J and I took turns being “in charge” of JC.  This meant that I had a whole half-day away from parenting.  I really enjoyed that, although I am beginning to feel more of a connection with Little Guy.  It’s hard not to, since I spend almost all my time with him.  I think he’s beginning to smile a little more now, too, and at me — not just at my boob while he is falling asleep on it.

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