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The hard way? …Or the easy way?

Holy cowpats Batman,  what am I doing? After not getting the last job I interviewed for, I found and applied for something else.  Then, today, I saw another listing for a job that looks like it might be a promising … Continue reading

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In my adult life, I’ve pretty much been offered every job I’ve ever interviewed for. Actually that’s not true. There was one spring break during my undergrad days when my then boyfriend, J, and I were traveling through Idaho on … Continue reading

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Time to go back to work…

I didn’t use to think that I would want to be a stay-at-home mom.  Then I became one, and little by little, I grew to enjoy it.  To want it to continue. Finances dictate otherwise, however.  J’s job ends in … Continue reading

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The Pretend Lesbian

Sometimes I look at pictures of transgender couples online and think to myself, “Whoa.  Sometime down the road, pictures of J and me are going to look just like pictures of two girls.”  It’s a weird feeling, and to some … Continue reading

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