Home & Healthy (sorta) for the Holidays

The night before we planned to drive to my parents’ home for the Christmas holidays, my dog, Ziggy, had another nosebleed.  It wasn’t the worst she’s had — The blood wasn’t dripping off her muzzle and pooling on the floor this time.  But it wasn’t the mere red booger she usually has hanging from one nostril, either.

After giving her the largest dose of her anti-bleeding supplement that our veterinarian recommended, we spent a night sleeping on the couch together (with a collection of towels, just in case).

By morning the bleeding had stopped, but all was not well.  Zig would not eat her hard dog food, would not eat the peanut butter and pill sandwich I tried to give her.  She turned her head away when I showed her a slice of cheese, and neither did she show any interest in a slice of banana.

I thought we were reaching the end with her, and I nearly put off our trip.  But then I managed to coax some pills into her by coating them in gooey peanut butter sans bread, and I bought some lunchmeat, which she gobbled.  We made the drive out to Washington and I did not text the home-visit vet back to ask for a euthanization appointment.

Since arriving at my parents’ place Ziggy has been okay.  No big nosebleeds, no sleepless nights of trying to breath through a tumor noseblock.  She breathes through her mouth a lot now, which is good.  She is happy to be around my parents and sister, and the cold weather has made her perk up on walks (she is a Wyoming dog and has always loved snow).

Now the holidays are over (I forgot New Years for a moment, but honestly, all I want to do in celebration of the start of 2015 is sleep through the night…  As if that is going to happen).  I will probably deal with Ziggy’s next health crisis on my own, and I will probably be alone when I make the decision to euthanize her.  Thinking about it makes me tired, but I’m grateful to have had a good Christmas with her and the rest of my family.  My sister, I should note, is doing well also, and although she has lost her hair, she is remaining perky and upbeat.

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4 Responses to Home & Healthy (sorta) for the Holidays

  1. Julia says:

    Thanks to a snow day, I was able to read all of the entries in your blog. You and J are very special people. There s so much to comment on, but I will try not to go on.

    My wife and I are in a trans*marriage. It was interesting to read from the perspective of the SO. Transition occurs at so many levels from which my wife had to undergo her own transition for us to grow as a couple. Similar growing pains to what you have experienced.

    I am also in the natural resources field, and I can relate to many of your stories. It bothers me to see colleagues so dispassionate about their jobs when there are individuals like you and J that would welcome any opportunity to do the work that they love. I hope that the challenges of a completing a thesis and searching for employment does not ruin your passion that I have read in your entries. Again, I wish your family the best because you deserve a better future.

    • pikaperdu says:

      Hi Julia, and thanks for the nice comments. I’m flattered that anyone would spend part of a snow day reading my rather scattered blog posts. Plus it’s always nice to hear from other trans couples. Out of curiosity, what is your area of natural resources work?

      • Julia says:

        I enjoyed reading the “scattered” entries. The blog shows the variety in our daily lives. As a wildlife biologist, I especially enjoy reading about the outdoor adventures and wish we lived a little closer to the mountains (there are always trips). Biologist is in my title, but river ecologist best explains my daily work duties. So sorry to read about Ziggy. Many dogs would have loved to lived her life.

      • pikaperdu says:

        Sounds like an interesting job — River ecology is certainly interesting. I took a freshwater invertebrate zoology class once and really enjoyed it. Lots of nifty crawly things hanging out by the water. 🙂 …Also thanks for your comment about Zig. She is very much missed.

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