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Take that, divorce-driven anxiety and sadness! It’s been a good weekend so far. Yesterday I peeled myself out of bed sometime around 6:45 in the morning. Shook off grogginess, stuck a baseball cap on my head and made it out … Continue reading

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Up too late again

It’s true: It’s 11:45p right now, and I should definitely be getting to bed soon. I’ve been planning for the long weekend, and planning for the coming months. This weekend is a concern because I won’t have the toddler (though … Continue reading

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Out and about

Getting out with other people does make me feel better. On Sunday little guy and I went to the community garden for a planting day. I was assigned to put marigolds in the ground by the drip lines. It went well enough, … Continue reading

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Friday (because what else is there to call it?)

One of my goals this coming week is to schedule out one or two hikes in my local meetup groups. I haven’t been getting out with other people due to a combination of sickness, work commitments, and tiredness — And it … Continue reading

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I was back at work again today, and I felt better all of a sudden once I was there. Not better from the flu, though I am flu-free now, but better “not going to cry over the breakup any moment … Continue reading

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Mice, flu, and the general struggle

My son caught the flu at the end of last week. It happened the day before J was scheduled to take him for the weekend, and I felt bad handing him over when he was so dopey and miserable. J … Continue reading

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More of the same. And not.

Would I take you back again? Why am I even thinking about this now? We had a nice morning together. I guess that’s why. You weren’t awful to me in the way you have been awful over the past few … Continue reading

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