Field Trips

I’m working right now in a job that involves coordinating people and events. It’s an Americorps position, which means it is a short term involvement. I’ve been thinking about career opportunities after this, and unless something unexpected falls into my lap that pays a living wage and involves my natural resources background and/or coordinating skills, I’m probably going to pursue teaching K-12. People in my parent group who have worked in that field in my location don’t seem too jaded and burned-out, which is good. The best part of the plan is that my schedule would match my son’s, and I would have more freedom from work during the summer months when I am essentially parenting without a partner.

A couple times recently at work I was allowed to help with my office-mate’s environmental education program, which has been great. I had my own station during a field trip. The first time I led the station I was incredibly nervous about remembering the material well enough to present it, but it wasn’t so hard once I got going. Yesterday I led the same station again, and this time there were several adults who were shadowing me to learn how to lead the program on future dates. One of these people was a teacher in his past life, and I have talked to him before about my career plans. At the end of the morning he told me I did a great job and that I would do well as a teacher. It was a small thing, but it made me feel hopeful. The ocean that is the career search is wide, and it is full of choppy waters and sunken ships. Being with students all day is a lot different than helping on a field trip, but for me, right now, I look on words of encouragement like lighthouse beacons. Maybe, maybe, I can do this.

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