Friday Conundrum

Well, crud. My ex finally made a friendly invite to Sunday bagels and a walk, and I am going to have to bring up something prickly. And she doesn’t react well to prickly things. I’m dealing with a really complicated co-parenting schedule right now because my ex’s housemate also has an ex, and the housemate also has a son, who is 8, and who only sees his one parent (the housemate) every other weekend. Up until now my 2 year old has gone to stay with my ex on weekends when (usually) the 8 year old is not home. But my ex and her housemate want to consolidate schedules so they can have alternate weekends away from the kids. I didn’t have a problem with a more permanent schedule swap, so I said fine. Today I messaged the housemate’s ex, who is an acquaintance of mine, to tell her about the swap, since the housemate is a poor communicator and it’s only fair that everybody is involved in this discussion, since it involves both of our kids. Housemate’s ex was livid. She didn’t blow up at me exactly, but she told me her ex only has their son 4 days a month and when our 2 year old is present he cries and requires more attention (as young kids do), and her son gets ignored (already something of an issue with the housemate). Housemate also recently transitioned from male to female, and that has been hard on the 8 year-old in addition to the divorce. My thoughts on all this are: 1) I have no personal stake in the problem so far as my own son goes, but I can totally sympathize with housemate’s ex’s concerns about their son; 2) Yeah, housemate should be paying attention to her own kid on the days she has custody; 3) It may be selfish for my ex and the housemate to want occasional kid-free weekends given that they each only are taking the kids on alternate weekends anyway …. Buuuuut can’t we all as parents who work identify with that a little? I hate playing mediator in all of this. But it’s not something I could fairly stay out of, since the housemate’s ex and I have taken the lead on a lot of the adulting in this situation, and I told her a while back that I would keep her updated about visitation schedules. Not sure what to do. :/

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One Response to Friday Conundrum

  1. That sounds no fun. 😦

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