Mice, flu, and the general struggle

My son caught the flu at the end of last week. It happened the day before J was scheduled to take him for the weekend, and I felt bad handing him over when he was so dopey and miserable. J says he has improved and as of yesterday he was doing just fine. Which is good. But I caught the flu from him, which is a) predictable, and b) yay, lots of fun. I had a work thing on Saturday, but luckily I didn’t start feeling bad until the end of the event.

It’s Monday now. This morning I woke up, not feeling too bad, went out to my car and discovered a mouse inside (in a live trap — long story, but my office is near a lot of open fields and yes, I have been having mouse problems in my car, ugh ugh ugh). Drove the mouse down to the river, which is just a mile or two away, and by the time I got back home I was feeling kinda yucky again. Given that I worked a 10 hour day on Saturday, I think I’m going to call in sick and spend most of my day prone on the couch. I could survive a day at the office, but there are some boring webinars I can catch up on from home as well.

The breakup has been really making me sad this past week. Burst-into-loud-ugly-sobs-when-I’m-home-alone sad. I want to call J up to talk, because J used to be somebody I could talk things out with. But I can’t do that anymore. Thank goodness for having a sister. She got a really teary phone call from me Sunday night, and even though she didn’t have any magic solutions, I felt better after I hung up the phone and was able to go to sleep. I like Idaho, but right now I don’t want to be here. I want to be in Washington with my family. But …I have to finish my work contract, which goes through August. And I don’t want to make my toddler suffer through a truly long-distance parenting arrangement; he’s too little. J has a good job here, and I think I am going to have to just suffer through and make this town work for me and my new circumstances.

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One Response to Mice, flu, and the general struggle

  1. Hang in there. It will get better. You will find your way.

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