I was back at work again today, and I felt better all of a sudden once I was there. Not better from the flu, though I am flu-free now, but better “not going to cry over the breakup any moment now” better. Which maybe should have been expected? For the last two weekends I’ve felt really sad, but I’ve also been penned up at home by myself for various reasons. Being home alone and sick is better than home taking care of a toddler and sick, but it’s awful when you start thinking about the person you cared about and lost. I wonder when weekends like this last one won’t be so difficult anymore.

Little man has an ear infection again, a mere week after we ended the antibiotic treatment for his last ear infection. Luckily we have an appointment for him to get ear tubes next week. For now it’s back to the antibiotics, and tonight he is sleeping well. Peace! I love it. And of course I’m also glad to see him feeling comfortable again.


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One Response to Tuesday

  1. Try to stay busy. Enjoy time with little man.

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