26.2 & other thoughts


Don’t you love the artistic quality of a photo that’s been carefully doctored to obscure the identities of the individuals pictured?

Me neither, but whatever. I still had fun taking this photo. My shoes are the scrubby gray ones on the bottom. My dad is sporting royal blue, and my sis has the pretty, pale turquoise-y color. This was taken shortly before the three of us walked (and jogged, but mostly walked) 26.2 miles along some pretty nature trails on a sweltering Sunday morning/afternoon. Participants in the race were given 7 hours and 30 minutes to finish the course. We finished with a scant 4 minutes to spare, and by the time we were done the temperatures were hovering around 92 Fahrenheit. (Dry heat, though.)

We were all hobbling and stiff Sunday evening but the adventure was worth it. I’m still a little stiff today, and have to admit to myself that it has been a good few years since the Pacific Crest Trail, when I frequently hiked 20 – 30(+) miles a day with a loaded backpack.

I want to do things like this more often. Not sure whether official races are in my future, since they are really pricey, but I want to challenge myself physically on a regular basis. This is very hard with my current life commitments and schedule, but I think my mantra to myself over the summer will be to find ways to be active and be social.

It’s Monday now and I am home again today. I am literally at home, not at my office, because Little Man had a fever last night and cannot attend daycare today as a result. I got him into the doctor this morning and he 1) does not have an ear infection (which is good, because he is only about a week out from his last one); and 2) does have pink eye again. I had considered not making an appointment at all and waiting to see how he improved on his own, but I’m glad now that I checked in. The doc thinks he may have a sinus infection on one side that is causing the pink eye to recur. He asked me if his right nostril is often snotty and I had no idea how to answer. My kid is sick almost constantly (every month since starting daycare in October) and I am always wiping some combination of snot / drool / food off his face. But now that this is a concern, it’s time to pay closer attention to the details of what I am wiping.

But, crap. It’s another work absence. Everything will be okay… But I’m feeling a little sorry for myself, and for all the other single parents out there who are trying to juggle way too many things by themselves. The single parent life is not easy. If I didn’t have family out there willing to support me / take me in if I lost my job / failed to keep myself financially afloat, I would be terrified right now. As it is I am still stressed out about finances, because I am not sure what will happen with custody of Little Man if I can’t make a living here in Idaho. J hasn’t threatened anything and she used to be somebody I trusted implicitly, but I worry that she might make our interactions ugly if I wanted to move back to where my family is in Washington. Even if she didn’t fight me on a decision like that, there would be so many child custody complications if I decided to move, and any custody arrangement would be really hard on the toddler.

On that note, only three more months left in my current job contract, and then I have to find something else. I’ve started looking already…


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