Rom Coms and Weekends

I’ve been home with a sick kid for three out of the last five work days. He’s better now but it has meant, again, a backlog in work. I don’t want to go in to the office on a Sunday, but I am about to. It’s my weekend without the kiddo and the time I have to get things done.

I’ve been feeling okay this weekend without having to force myself to focus on staying busy or getting out. I did get out yesterday — Worked at the community garden for about three hours in the morning. But I found I was as happy to work quietly as I was to chat. Sometimes that is just fine.

My parents are coming to town next weekend and my apartment is somehow a wreck again. Sigh. Will have to fit in some solid cleaning work tonight. But I’m excited to see them again. They will be seeing my new apartment for the first time and it will just be nice to have family around again. The only sad thing is that I am already looking beyond this visit and there aren’t any more plans to get together on the calendar yet. I am sure more will pop up. I’ll probably head out there for Thanksgiving this year (unless I decide to see my grandmother in west side Washington?). And then there’s Christmas. In the past I have sometimes enjoyed small holidays at home with J, but there is no way I’m doing a holiday at home this year with the divorce upcoming. And the reality is that I will not have Little Man for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. So definitely not going to be hanging around the apartment all by myself.

Another thing before I head out for the day. I don’t dream much  these days (too tired?) but when I do have certain kinds of dreams, I don’t dream about J anymore. Guess that’s a good thing. I dreamed about Jack Black last night, actually. Hm. I always like the quirky looking ones. The reason for the dream was that I watched a bad Rom Com featuring him a couple evenings ago. I still enjoy that genre because it’s easy to watch, vaguely funny, happy, and predictable. But good lord are the relationship dynamics dumb most of the time. And by that I mean: Happily ever afters are hinged on such weak substance. Most of these people don’t really know one another when the movie ends and the audience is supposed to think, “Yay, those two are a great fit! It’s together forever for them!” I’m actually not bitter about it (if I was I would hate watching these movies), but my reality-o-meter almost always is calling out “B.S.!” by the end. Ah, well. It’s not like I ever took these plotlines seriously in my pre-divorce days.

the holidayCameron Diaz is a workaholic who finally goes on one holiday after a major breakup and falls in love again within a span of two weeks. Time for personal reflection before jumping into the next relationship is overrated! Jude Law is a single dad and widower who has hot sex with a stranger and gets to act like a single guy for the first time in a long time. Two weeks is TOTALLY enough to decide somebody you’re dating is a good addition to the family, right? Jack Black is a sweet, completely loyal boyfriend who is heartbroken when his gorgeous actress girlfriend who was supposed to be out of town on a job is seen walking around on the arm of some other dude. Let’s forget for a moment that Jack was hanging out with the newly arrived, attractively sad British chick during GF’s absence and doing things like brushing eyelashes out of the new girl’s eyes and writing romantic theme songs for her. It was absolutely innocent! Kate Winslet is a single girl who is finally managing to get over her douchy ex after three YEARS of hanging on and is opening herself up again to new experiences. Not sure where this Jack Black thing is headed, but Kate is actually pretty awesome. 

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2 Responses to Rom Coms and Weekends

  1. gmmrs says:

    Never enough time to do anything is there? I know how you feel and especially stinks when your child is sick too, throws things off. Here’s to you having more time to get stuff done…and hold your sanity at the same time.

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