It’s 10:30 at night and Little Man finally went to sleep maybe 40 minutes ago. Time for me to be a big girl and get some work done or call it a night myself. Almost.

J had Little Man over the weekend and I was dismayed this morning when she dropped him by my apartment to see that he had a very pink right eye. Back on the eye drops, and unfortunately this ended up being another day at home for me. Feeling a little terrified of all the things that need to get done.

I’m tired of all the bad life news, but my sis texted me this morning to say that she and her husband are struggling in their relationship. They’re starting counseling soon. My brother-in-law, B, I’ll call him, and Ann had been talking about a second kid and purchasing a house, but now B doesn’t want to do those things. He’s afraid to move forward with big decisions like that when the relationship is questionable. I won’t even begin to guess at and dissect their problems here; B and Ann have a very different relationship and dynamic than J and I did. I know it’s better to address problems than to just ignore them and let relationships atrophy. But I’m tired of broken things. I’m tired of divorce. I don’t want to see another one in my family.

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