Seriously, I have no blog title inspiration today.

Slightly rough week this week. The weekend was lovely. My parents drove into town and visited, and they helped with making dinners and watching little man and grocery shopping. We watched some movies and went to an orchard to pick cherries, walked around the neighborhood, and ate at a buffet.

I miss them right now and I am, at this 11:30 pm Wednesday night moment, feeling trapped in this town where I have no close connections and so very little personal time in which to develop connections. Yes yes, it’s my job to “make it happen,” just as it is my job to make all the things happen. Paying bills, taking care of the kiddo, applying for and obtaining a new job to take the place of my old one that ends in late August.

But fuddddgggeeeee….

I found out today that J is back together again with S. I am still offended by this, even though (don’t say it, don’t dare say it — because yeah, of COURSE I know) I shouldn’t care or think about it anymore. S is a douche. Not a 100% douche, because I don’t think anybody is that. But I’m pissed at J for choosing to be with and become a douche herself. There. I’ve said it. Something totally emotional and subjective. I’m also not thrilled that little man may possibly be spending an extended amount of his childhood living with S. She is not a danger to him, I’m pretty certain. But she’s emotionally immature (as is J?) and I worry what values are going to be passed on to little guy. Do I have a basis for my worries, or do I just not like S? I don’t know… I can argue either case to myself.

Time to go to bed I think.

Little man and I had a nice evening in the garden. Tomorrow I’m hoping to take him to a local pool for the first swim of the summer.

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