The Third Shift and Other Rehashed Thoughts

If the time after work where I am caring for my child is called the second shift, then the time after my kid goes to bed and I’m supposed to revamp my resume, apply for new jobs, make tomorrow’s lunches, etc. must be the third shift.

I can’t handle the third shift.

Lately I have been dreading that moment when my kid is asleep and I have to get up and do something else. I know I can’t put off my third shift tasks forever, but I think I am just going to go to bed. I got a sore throat a couple days ago and I started to lose my voice today. I lost my voice entirely earlier in the spring and it took a long time to come back. I think my body is telling me to a) stop eating the goobery things my toddler feeds me (easier said than done; and b) get a decent amount of sleep for once.

A lot of my current job requires talking, but this week I have been trying unsuccessfully to put more time into data entry and quarterly reporting tasks. Some of our chattier volunteers & one new employee have been cornering me in my office a lot to talk — And while this is enjoyable to some extent, it adds to the feeling that I am never getting anything done. Our office manager even peeked around the corner into my space yesterday after everybody left and commented on how chatty some of the folks around here are. I agreed and wondered how much of this situation is a reflection on how I have a hard time telling people unpleasant things (like “Please leave me alone for a while”).

I think I am going to be minorly dishonest tomorrow and exaggerate my failing voice just enough so that I can work on my reporting and not have to talk to anybody. Being sick: not much fun, but a great excuse to be antisocial and get shit done.


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2 Responses to The Third Shift and Other Rehashed Thoughts

  1. Lindsay says:

    I have a long third shift to do list, but I can never manage to make myself do it. It’s just too much after working hard at first and second shifts. 😦

    I think exaggerating your illness sounds like a great way to get people to leave you alone. Here’s to productivity!

    • pikaperdu says:

      I’m a terrible liar so I didn’t end up doing it, but the stars aligned anyhow and I had more time to myself than on previous days.

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