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Musings at the Sunday Breakfast Hour

This is the last weekend without Little Guy around that I will have for some time. Due to wonky scheduling I have had the last four (five?) weekends child-free (though during J’s field work season I have custody all the … Continue reading

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Family Ties, Part 2

I didn’t get a chance to talk to my MIL this morning. She and my FIL were both up at the same time, and while there was a lot of hanging around with coffee and breakfast, it didn’t feel like … Continue reading

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Family Ties

I’ve lost sight of that moonlit peace I felt the other night. I’m not too surprised; the middle of the night is its own segment of existence and doesn’t associate very closely with daytime reality. I’m sad about J right … Continue reading

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I woke up this morning around 1:30 to use the bathroom and found myself not going immediately back to bed. Little man was breathing heavily in his sleep and the air conditioner was humming loudly in its place of honor … Continue reading

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Trails, not Tribulations

I went running today. Only for 20 minutes, but the air was cool, the sky was grey and purple with rain clouds, and the cottonwoods alongside the trail were rustling in the breeze. For those 20 minutes and a little … Continue reading

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This is what it feels like

I said I wasn’t going to write about divorce this month, but today I need to. Because today, J and I got divorced. It wasn’t an awesome day for it to happen. I turned 35 yesterday. But our wedding anniversary … Continue reading

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Independence Month

When I am out and about these days, I find myself considering the guys I meet. It’s not like I didn’t sometimes think about this stuff when I was with J, and I am not looking around now with any … Continue reading

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