Around the Next Corner

I finished my Americorps term. The 11 months went by quickly — but I am no longer surprised by the speed at which time passes.

Little Guy’s day care was closed last week as the teachers prepared for fall session, so I drove with him out to Washington to visit family for a while. I have been out to the dry side of the Evergreen State many times this past year, but it’s been a long time since I drove out. Road trips with a toddler are stressful, frankly. If you can picture sitting for hours in an enclosed space with a fire alarm that goes off loudly and randomly, that’s just about the experience.

It’s not all bad — On this trip at least, Little Guy did really well. He had his moments, but mostly he was content to nap, snack, and play with the rotation of toys and random objects I passed back to him as we drove. On my way out I listened to Bill Bryson’s “A Walk in the Woods,” and on the way back I started in on Andy Weir’s “The Martian.” I looked out the car windows at the landscape — hills and towns I have seen many, many times before but have never grown tired of — and felt some of that old thrill of going somewhere. It was sad to not have J beside me to share in the experience, but what is there to say about that situation? I picked up the bits of my courage and moved on with my thoughts. I am ready to travel again. To hike. To explore. Even if I don’t get far away from home… I need some outside in my life again. My flabby body needs it too; my pants are tight and I have a slight muffin-top, after all the sitting I did in my last job. It’s time to set some new personal goals.

But more on that another time.

The visit with my family was pleasant. I am back home in Idaho now, and I feel like the person about to jump into a cold mountain lake who takes a deep breath before jumping in. Inhale, and….. GO!

I have been approved to substitute teach for one of the local school districts in Idaho; hopefully I will be approved to substitute teach for another district before the end of September. I have given myself a little over a week to prepare myself for the job and to finish up other tasks I’ve been putting off: Fixing the broken side mirror on my car. Clearing through Little Guy’s clothes and toys for things he has outgrown. Clearing through my old outdoor gear. Fixing my bike, so I can actually take my kiddo riding.


Ohh yeah. The effing thesis.

Don’t judge. Or rather, judge if you like. Won’t change or affect anything. It’s the biggest failure of my life to date — and that includes my failed marriage, because at least with my marriage I did all I could to save it.

I’m going to try and finish it up… if I can.

Ready, set, GO.

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