Sometimes subbing is rough: The kids don’t want to behave, and I leave school feeling like I spent all day telling people who aren’t paying attention to me to be quiet. That this narrative is a common one is a little comforting, because I know other subs have also experienced hair-pulling, chaotic class days, and quite a few of them seem to go on to be regular teachers and enjoy what they do.


My evening felt kind of off, probably partly as a result of the work day. I am hoping tomorrow is better. I’m working special ed in the morning and it’s with *small* groups of students, and that sounds much nicer than today. I have often enjoyed the small group work I’ve done thus far, and even when the kids are frustrating, it is just so much easier when there are not 20+ of them.

Time for bed… Lovely bed. I get my toddler back tomorrow evening from my ex as well, and I am really looking forward to hanging out and cuddling with him again. 2 is such a simple age in so many ways. I love that my kiddo’s worst concerns seem to be about playing trains and whether there is something in the fridge he wants but can’t get at.


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