November 2016

My personal life has been a wilderness of difficult experiences for the last few years, and when I woke up earlier this week and realized our nation had elected Donald Trump as its president, I felt much of the same resignation I have felt on previous occasions. It’s a feeling of, ‘Okay, let’s shoulder this pain and carry it to the next goalpost.’ And internally I keep hoping that when I reach the next goal, that accomplishment will be enough, and I will be able to drop the pain for good and get back to the business of just living and enjoying life. Of course I realize: I have to find the good in life now, enjoy it now. I do, but I don’t feel light anymore. I am heavy and tired.

Because people I know are going to be less safe now. Because a lot of people I don’t know are going to be less safe now.

Because the people in charge of my country don’t care about vetting knowledge and have little respect for science or journalism, and that lack of respect will affect everything from our schools to the environment.

Because women and single parents and those of us scraping by are going to have a harder time of it (the tax policy proposed by the new administration will supposedly raise taxes for about half of the single parent population, even while the wealthiest Americans, who are exponentially wealthier now than in past decades, will pay significantly less to help support the services and infrastructure we all need).

I’m trying to find ways in my personal life to be more of an activist and to support the causes that are important to me. But I’ve lived in red states for more than half a decade, and it is possible to put in a lot of effort and to still feel like your causes are getting run over by a semi-truck.

Nevertheless– What else is there to do? Nothing, except to shoulder the load and move on.

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2 Responses to November 2016

  1. gmmrs says:

    I see it, these times now, as a tremendous opportunity to build momentum for change. No time like now to keep at it, keep the fire for wanting to do something lit and figure out a path to do it. Even in a red state. Especially in a red state. Because we’re going to all see how all this transpires and likely falls off a cliff and the same voters for him will be looking for something else eventually when they realize they voted against their interests in this election.

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