About Me

I love vegetables.  Pretty much any kind.  Boiled beets are kind of gross though.  I also love junk food.

I am very tall and tend to be quiet.  If we ever meet in person and you decide to inform me that I am tall, I will be slightly amused.  If we ever meet in person and you decide to inform me that I am quiet, I will be slightly annoyed.  Just FYI.

I like to hike and spend time outside.  I also like writing, painting, reading, and listening to NPR.  Working on a thesis limits the amount of time I have to spend on these activities, but it also makes me appreciate them more when I do allow myself to do them.  I sometimes wonder if attaining a Masters degree is worth all the work and pain and angst, but on the other hand, this experience pretty much guarantees that I will never be bored or take free time for granted again.  Ever.  Parenthood has a similar effect, but I enjoy spending time with my kiddo, something I cannot say about statistical work.

Speaking of parenthood, I’ve been a mom since May of 2014.  What shall I say about parenthood?  So many of the cliches hold true:  It’s exhausting, but you get used to the exhaustion.  It will test your relationship with your significant other.  It is indeed the “Longest Shortest Time,” and  I’m hugging my baby while I can, because they really do grow so, so fast.


2 Responses to About Me

  1. Sam says:

    Hi. I am happy to have found your blog right now. I just came out to my partner as a transwoman last week and things are very hard. We also had a baby last summer (Aug) and she is finishing her PhD dissertation this summer. I cant believe all the similarities and i cant wait to read more posts. Thank you for sharing your life.

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