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An epilogue of sorts

Last Saturday I went on a hike with J and Little Guy.  We drove out to the foothills, to a trailhead we had been to innumerable times; it was, in fact, the place we first went hiking when we moved to … Continue reading

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Saying Goodbye

Last Sunday I drove eight hours to visit my family in Washington.  Even though I had made the trip little more than a month before, I was loving the length of the drive and the freedom of being on the … Continue reading

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Home & Healthy (sorta) for the Holidays

The night before we planned to drive to my parents’ home for the Christmas holidays, my dog, Ziggy, had another nosebleed.  It wasn’t the worst she’s had — The blood wasn’t dripping off her muzzle and pooling on the floor … Continue reading

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Scattered Bits

Ann has a diagnosis now, but not a prognosis.  The diagnosis is primary mediastinal large b cell lymphoma.  It’s rare — only 2% of all lymphomas are this particular type — but it most commonly occurs in women in their … Continue reading

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Time to go back to work…

I didn’t use to think that I would want to be a stay-at-home mom.  Then I became one, and little by little, I grew to enjoy it.  To want it to continue. Finances dictate otherwise, however.  J’s job ends in … Continue reading

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Little Crazy Street

The other day at my local breastfeeding mom’s group, G, the lactation consultant, said to me, “I think it’s wonderful how you manage to have such a good attitude, with all the problems your little boy has been going through. … Continue reading

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Scattered Thoughts

Maybe it’s all part of taking care of the baby and having my mind scattered a dozen different places, but I haven’t had a specific subject I wanted to hash out on this blog for some time.  Today I’m just … Continue reading

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