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Take that, divorce-driven anxiety and sadness! It’s been a good weekend so far. Yesterday I peeled myself out of bed sometime around 6:45 in the morning. Shook off grogginess, stuck a baseball cap on my head and made it out … Continue reading

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Warning: Fragile

One month left until my due date.  How long until JC actually arrives?  Well, my sister had her baby three weeks early.  It seems pretty wild to me that I could, hypothetically, be toting around a baby as soon as … Continue reading

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Hi, My Name is ____, and I’m Here to Make Noise.

It’s official — I’m turning into my dad. My dad and I have always shared a lot of characteristics.  We’re both bookworms in a semi-fervent, potentially unhealthy way that my mom and sister, who do like to read, are not. … Continue reading

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An Only Slightly Snarky Post about Clothing Retailers and Tall Girl Shopping

So, I bought preggo pants the other week.  Winter is coming, and even though I don’t need maternity wear quite yet, I was thinking ahead.  As a tall girl that’s important, since I already struggle with clothes shopping.  Case in … Continue reading

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