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Adventure Parenting

Talked about J in a phone conversation with my sis. I was telling Ann how J said she missed me as an adventuring buddy, but that she claimed we hadn’t done anything in the last 2 years. Since we became … Continue reading

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10 p.m. Ramblings

There’s a sweet spot in my evenings between 10 and 11 pm most days when Little Guy (JC) is asleep and I’m feeling awake enough to do something for me.  Like work on my thesis for a little stretch of … Continue reading

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On Camping and Hiking with Baby

Both J and I are completely exhausted today and the house is a mess, but that’s okay.  We went camping last weekend and it was absolutely worth it. The camping trip was actually the second one we’ve been on since … Continue reading

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God’s Highlighter (a thought for the new year)

J said something to me once that I still think about occasionally.  During a camping trip in October of 2005 we had climbed up a ridge (near Priest lake, not far from Sandpoint) and we were looking across the hills … Continue reading

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Love and Camping

“Do you wanna go hiking?” I asked J, one Wednesday evening back in 2005.  The university was on winter break, and we were hanging out at my house, trying to find something to do. At my words J looked momentarily … Continue reading

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Old Places

After visiting family in western Washington for most of the holiday, J and I ended our Thanksgiving weekend by revisiting one of our old outdoor haunts in eastern Washington — the Columbia Basin Wildlife Area’s Quincy Lakes Unit.  My dad, … Continue reading

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How to make camping more interesting: a true story

How to make a camping trip more interesting: 1.  Bring a camera. 2.  And costumes! 3.  Don’t bother taking sleeping bags.  It’s summer out, right? 4.  Test out realism of all those fantasy-quest movies by sleeping under the stars with … Continue reading

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