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The Other Side of the Door

Divorce sometimes feels like sitting on the floor in an empty room. Like during a move, maybe, when you’ve cleaned out part of your space and it’s all empty and strange feeling, but you know if you got up off … Continue reading

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How did we get here?

There are moments when I look back and remember how angry I was. Angry, sad, frustrated, ignored, lonely. These feelings surged when J and I became parents and almost every interaction with her was a struggle, but in retrospect many of … Continue reading

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Signing Off

It’s almost October.  Little Man is 16 months old now.  Still crawling.  Said his first word the other day.  Climbs chairs and stairs like a mountaineer. My sister is still healthy after her chemo and radiation, and her hair is … Continue reading

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So many things. At around 3:30 a.m. Monday morning, I emailed a draft of my thesis to my adviser.  Then I held my breath, because my field work involved SO many different kinds of monitoring.  I won’t go into it … Continue reading

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When to Talk and When to Not

It’s a Monday morning at the end of April, and as I sit at my computer desk, Little Guy is clinging to my chair and banging a spoon against my leg.  J is at a doctor’s appointment, and the house … Continue reading

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An epilogue of sorts

Last Saturday I went on a hike with J and Little Guy.  We drove out to the foothills, to a trailhead we had been to innumerable times; it was, in fact, the place we first went hiking when we moved to … Continue reading

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Saying Goodbye

Last Sunday I drove eight hours to visit my family in Washington.  Even though I had made the trip little more than a month before, I was loving the length of the drive and the freedom of being on the … Continue reading

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