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Signing Off

It’s almost October.  Little Man is 16 months old now.  Still crawling.  Said his first word the other day.  Climbs chairs and stairs like a mountaineer. My sister is still healthy after her chemo and radiation, and her hair is … Continue reading

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Home & Healthy (sorta) for the Holidays

The night before we planned to drive to my parents’ home for the Christmas holidays, my dog, Ziggy, had another nosebleed.  It wasn’t the worst she’s had — The blood wasn’t dripping off her muzzle and pooling on the floor … Continue reading

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In Defense of J

I took down a blog post for the first time today.  Not because it was a bad post in itself, but because somebody has decided to reblog me in order to call my spouse some really awful names.  Names like … Continue reading

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A pause in things

My family always has had dogs.  I remember, as a kid of maybe 9 or 10, the feeling of hearing that Reggie, a dog who had been around longer than me, had to be put down.  She was old and … Continue reading

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It’s Monday morning and my sister will get her test results back today… maybe even a prognosis.  I’m nervous.  I want to find out what she has so it is no longer a mystery, but I don’t want to be … Continue reading

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Little Crazy Street

The other day at my local breastfeeding mom’s group, G, the lactation consultant, said to me, “I think it’s wonderful how you manage to have such a good attitude, with all the problems your little boy has been going through. … Continue reading

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A New Normal

I knew from the beginning that the birthing part of having a baby would be the easy part.  Of course, there’s a difference between knowing and knowing. I stayed in the hospital for two nights after JC was born.  I felt … Continue reading

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