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An Interview with my Mom on Kids, Work, and Life Balance

I love Podcasts.  I’m one of those people who regularly references This American Life in conversation.  And I get super excited when I discover something new, like The Longest Shortest Time  (parents of new babies, seriously, check it out). One of … Continue reading

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Halfway to Diaper-Changing: Prego Update

Another month, another doctor’s appointment.  I’m officially at the halfway point in my pregnancy now, and everything seems to be going really well.  There’s no reason why it shouldn’t be, but somehow it seems foolhardy to assume the best. This … Continue reading

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Writing is an odd compulsion.  It’s something a lot of us do regardless of whether other people will ever see our words, and it’s more socially acceptable than talking out loud to oneself while walking down the street.  Writing certainly … Continue reading

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