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Sunday evening

If you asked me right now how I am doing, socially, in my post-divorce life, I would tell you that things are improving. I don’t have close friends, but I do have a range of people I do things with … Continue reading

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And Another Weekend

Time: Where does it go? It’s the weekend again. After work and daycare pickup and dinner I was walking around the neighborhood with my toddler in the front carrier, exploring randomly and thinking evening walk thoughts. As I walked near … Continue reading

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100% Off the Clock

It’s a Sunday evening and today has been a good day. This morning after a really rare decent night of sleep, Little Man and I had breakfast at home (translate: I had breakfast while he scattered food crumbs and goober-y … Continue reading

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Returning after a Break(up)

I didn’t think I’d come back to this blog. I don’t have time for it, for one thing, and for another, I was tired of the way my life was feeling like a never-ending stream of bad news and bad … Continue reading

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