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In Defense of J

I took down a blog post for the first time today.  Not because it was a bad post in itself, but because somebody has decided to reblog me in order to call my spouse some really awful names.  Names like … Continue reading

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Little Crazy Street

The other day at my local breastfeeding mom’s group, G, the lactation consultant, said to me, “I think it’s wonderful how you manage to have such a good attitude, with all the problems your little boy has been going through. … Continue reading

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A New Normal

I knew from the beginning that the birthing part of having a baby would be the easy part.  Of course, there’s a difference between knowing and knowing. I stayed in the hospital for two nights after JC was born.  I felt … Continue reading

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All the Things.

— I feel like this should be my new response to the question, “What’s happening with you these days?” Ziggy had a liver biopsy done yesterday.  When I picked her up from the vet’s office she was crying – Not … Continue reading

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Babysitting, Part II

If you had asked me as a teenager whether I wanted to have kids some day, I would have approached the question as the foreign territory it was.  Most of my time back then was spent just trying to make … Continue reading

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Hi There

I should be going to bed right now.  Failing that, there’s an Excel file on this very computer that’s standing between me and the completion of my thesis.  The thesis thing is actually further away than a single Excel-file hurdle. … Continue reading

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