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Time for another break

I traveled to Siberia once. I went backpacking in the mountains there, and while my surroundings seemed very familiar in some ways (creeks and conifers and distant crags) to places I have been in the States, I was a long … Continue reading

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Adventure Parenting

Talked about J in a phone conversation with my sis. I was telling Ann how J said she missed me as an adventuring buddy, but that she claimed we hadn’t done anything in the last 2 years. Since we became … Continue reading

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Note to self:

I need to remember not to short myself on sleep. This weekend has been a weird one, because it is the first entire weekend that I have not had the toddler at all. I’m trying to think if J ever … Continue reading

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Solo Parent Venturing Out

It’s spring today. After a looong week (sick kid, work backlog because of staying home for sick kid, getting sick myself and losing my voice for 4 days, and working Saturday to make up for getting behind on projects earlier … Continue reading

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The hard way? …Or the easy way?

Holy cowpats Batman,  what am I doing? After not getting the last job I interviewed for, I found and applied for something else.  Then, today, I saw another listing for a job that looks like it might be a promising … Continue reading

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On Camping and Hiking with Baby

Both J and I are completely exhausted today and the house is a mess, but that’s okay.  We went camping last weekend and it was absolutely worth it. The camping trip was actually the second one we’ve been on since … Continue reading

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Due Date, and Other Things

The weather in Boise has been reaching the 80s and it really feels like summer now.  Ziggy and I continue to take our walks in the mornings before it gets too hot out, and then again sometimes in the evenings … Continue reading

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