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Due Date, and Other Things

The weather in Boise has been reaching the 80s and it really feels like summer now.  Ziggy and I continue to take our walks in the mornings before it gets too hot out, and then again sometimes in the evenings … Continue reading

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Still Life with Dog

It’s hard to take life moment by moment, but sometimes I find myself in a pocket of stillness and I’m able to stop thinking ahead.  For a short time, anyway. I took Ziggy on a walk through our neighborhood the … Continue reading

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Bring it on

The new yard is going to be a challenge, that is certain. While this isn’t exactly news to me, I hadn’t realized when we agreed to take this project on how much of our ‘lawn’ was actually composed of prickly … Continue reading

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Little (Town)House in the Big City

The evening I was told that our townhouse rental was not going to work out, I moodily got back on Craigslist and skimmed the latest rental posts.  There weren’t that many listings for situations that might work for us, and … Continue reading

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Errands and Activities

I took Ziggy to the vet’s office this morning to have the lump on her side checked out, and it turned out to be a harmless fatty deposit.  That was a relief.  I’m not ready to think of my four-legged … Continue reading

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My Morning as an Activist

Yesterday morning I found myself entering my state’s capitol building for the first time ever.  Idaho House Bill 427, which would modify the state’s freedom of religion laws, was being debated at 9:00 in a public hearing.  I was late, … Continue reading

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Obligatory Resolution Post

On our most recent holiday drive J and I started talking about goals for 2014.  I’m always thinking about the future in one way or another, so the combination of making goals + another January rolling around isn’t all that … Continue reading

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