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Signing Off

It’s almost October.  Little Man is 16 months old now.  Still crawling.  Said his first word the other day.  Climbs chairs and stairs like a mountaineer. My sister is still healthy after her chemo and radiation, and her hair is … Continue reading

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The hard way? …Or the easy way?

Holy cowpats Batman,  what am I doing? After not getting the last job I interviewed for, I found and applied for something else.  Then, today, I saw another listing for a job that looks like it might be a promising … Continue reading

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Little Crazy Street

The other day at my local breastfeeding mom’s group, G, the lactation consultant, said to me, “I think it’s wonderful how you manage to have such a good attitude, with all the problems your little boy has been going through. … Continue reading

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Thesis Time

You know that word synchronicity?  …The one that means a “coincidence of events that seem to be meaningfully related.”  Well, I’ve been experiencing that today.  A little. One of the bloggers I follow wrote a post about procrastination recently.  I read … Continue reading

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Things to Consider When You’re Considering Graduate School

I don’t intend to write much about graduate school in this blog.  For one thing, I’m still working on my thesis, and if I’m going to be writing on this subject, I should probably just be writing my paper.  This … Continue reading

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