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Around the Next Corner

I finished my Americorps term. The 11 months went by quickly — but I am no longer surprised by the speed at which time passes. Little Guy’s day care was closed last week as the teachers prepared for fall session, … Continue reading

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The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft agley

Thank you, Robert Burns, for that title.  (Or Rabbie Bairns, as one of my coworkers from the Scotland days would have said.) It’s true: The last few days have brought some not-so-great news with them. First, Ziggy’s bloodwork results came back. … Continue reading

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U.S. Health Insurance — Down the Rabbithole

I’m feeling a bit down today.  Our healthcare coverage plans aren’t working out like we had hoped.  J and I haven’t qualified for insurance through our university for a while because, though we are still wrapping up our masters projects, … Continue reading

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The Squiggly Line Between Good and Bad

I had a really weird Ah-ha! moment earlier this year.  Both hubby and I had obtained short-term contract work doing vegetation surveys in another state.  It was decent work and paid well.  Our crew-mates were good people, and the interpersonal … Continue reading

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