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Adventure Parenting

Talked about J in a phone conversation with my sis. I was telling Ann how J said she missed me as an adventuring buddy, but that she claimed we hadn’t done anything in the last 2 years. Since we became … Continue reading

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The last 72 hours

I am not feeling much of anything as I write. Other than the normal hum of tiredness in the back of my brain, and the quiet but persistent conviction that I should be brushing my teeth and going to bed … Continue reading

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Reflections, One Sunday Later

Things are a little rough right now between J and me. Last Sunday she took our 22 month old out in a UTV without talking to me first. When I calmed down enough to get the details from her, it … Continue reading

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The Endless To Do

Tired. That’s how I start every day, and that’s how I end every day. I’m actually not unhappy. Not really, not in the way I have known unhappiness in the past, in different forms, over the years. I don’t grind … Continue reading

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In Defense of J

I took down a blog post for the first time today.  Not because it was a bad post in itself, but because somebody has decided to reblog me in order to call my spouse some really awful names.  Names like … Continue reading

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Like, Stuff, You Know?

This is by far the craziest year I have ever lived.  New baby, and moreover new baby with health problems; husband transitioning from male to female; sick dog; a frustrating masters thesis; a frustrating job hunt.  And last night I … Continue reading

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Time to go back to work…

I didn’t use to think that I would want to be a stay-at-home mom.  Then I became one, and little by little, I grew to enjoy it.  To want it to continue. Finances dictate otherwise, however.  J’s job ends in … Continue reading

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