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Rom Coms and Weekends

I’ve been home with a sick kid for three out of the last five work days. He’s better now but it has meant, again, a backlog in work. I don’t want to go in to the office on a Sunday, … Continue reading

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And Another Weekend

Time: Where does it go? It’s the weekend again. After work and daycare pickup and dinner I was walking around the neighborhood with my toddler in the front carrier, exploring randomly and thinking evening walk thoughts. As I walked near … Continue reading

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I was back at work again today, and I felt better all of a sudden once I was there. Not better from the flu, though I am flu-free now, but better “not going to cry over the breakup any moment … Continue reading

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Mice, flu, and the general struggle

My son caught the flu at the end of last week. It happened the day before J was scheduled to take him for the weekend, and I felt bad handing him over when he was so dopey and miserable. J … Continue reading

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Reflections, One Sunday Later

Things are a little rough right now between J and me. Last Sunday she took our 22 month old out in a UTV without talking to me first. When I calmed down enough to get the details from her, it … Continue reading

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The Endless To Do

Tired. That’s how I start every day, and that’s how I end every day. I’m actually not unhappy. Not really, not in the way I have known unhappiness in the past, in different forms, over the years. I don’t grind … Continue reading

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Solo Parent Venturing Out

It’s spring today. After a looong week (sick kid, work backlog because of staying home for sick kid, getting sick myself and losing my voice for 4 days, and working Saturday to make up for getting behind on projects earlier … Continue reading

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