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November 2016

My personal life has been a wilderness of difficult experiences for the last few years, and when I woke up earlier this week and realized our nation had elected Donald Trump as its president, I felt much of the same … Continue reading

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Sunday Poetry in the City

Poem alert, y’all. (Just a warning in case you either like or avoid such writings.) A local poetry group was meeting this Sunday at a library near me and I decided on a whim to join them. I think the … Continue reading

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Around the Next Corner

I finished my Americorps term. The 11 months went by quickly — but I am no longer surprised by the speed at which time passes. Little Guy’s day care was closed last week as the teachers prepared for fall session, … Continue reading

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Musings at the Sunday Breakfast Hour

This is the last weekend without Little Guy around that I will have for some time. Due to wonky scheduling I have had the last four (five?) weekends child-free (though during J’s field work season I have custody all the … Continue reading

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26.2 & other thoughts

Don’t you love the artistic quality of a photo that’s been carefully doctored to obscure the identities of the individuals pictured? Me neither, but whatever. I still had fun taking this photo. My shoes are the scrubby gray ones on … Continue reading

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Field Trips

I’m working right now in a job that involves coordinating people and events. It’s an Americorps position, which means it is a short term involvement. I’ve been thinking about career opportunities after this, and unless something unexpected falls into my … Continue reading

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Measuring Up

I am learning that coping with my new reality is a lot more than just accepting that J doesn’t want to be married to me or be friends anymore. Co-parenting is a whole additional world of trying to find calm … Continue reading

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