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A Word About Style

One thing that made me really nervous about moving out of natural resources work and land management office surroundings was the idea of being in a world where people “dressed nicely” on a daily basis. In land management offices there … Continue reading

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Around the Next Corner

I finished my Americorps term. The 11 months went by quickly — but I am no longer surprised by the speed at which time passes. Little Guy’s day care was closed last week as the teachers prepared for fall session, … Continue reading

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The Third Shift and Other Rehashed Thoughts

If the time after work where I am caring for my child is called the second shift, then the time after my kid goes to bed and I’m supposed to revamp my resume, apply for new jobs, make tomorrow’s lunches, … Continue reading

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Rom Coms and Weekends

I’ve been home with a sick kid for three out of the last five work days. He’s better now but it has meant, again, a backlog in work. I don’t want to go in to the office on a Sunday, … Continue reading

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Out and about

Getting out with other people¬†does¬†make me feel better. On Sunday little guy and I went to the community garden for a planting day. I was assigned to put marigolds in the ground by the drip lines. It went well enough, … Continue reading

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Mice, flu, and the general struggle

My son caught the flu at the end of last week. It happened the day before J was scheduled to take him for the weekend, and I felt bad handing him over when he was so dopey and miserable. J … Continue reading

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Field Trips

I’m working right now in a job that involves coordinating people and events. It’s an Americorps position, which means it is a short term involvement. I’ve been thinking about career opportunities after this, and unless something unexpected falls into my … Continue reading

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